Plug into your own power

About You!

You are literally a Genius! You are your own inspiration, your own regenerating power and guiding light!

What do we mean by Genius?

As a linguist, I love exploring the original meaning of words. It gives us so much understanding of what is actually intended.

The word comes from the Latin genius, "a tutelary god", a guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth. Originally "generative power", from Latin root of gignere "to beget or to produce".

So how do you reconnect to that Inner Power?

A Pivotal Moment

I would like to share one of many pivotal moments from my life with you.

It was many years ago, and I had just encountered a being of great presence. I asked him: "Who are you?" His reply came with a smile "I know who I am! More to the point is do you know who you are?" At that moment my perception of who I was completely shifted. It was an intense awakening and the long period of self enquiry which followed deepened and stabilised my awareness of the true nature of reality..

Self Enquiry

The practice of Self Enquiry is very ancient. One of the most famous teachers of this practice in recent times was Ramana Maharshi.

It is not a mental practice though at first the mind is engaged. Dwelling on that source in the heart eventually leads to stabilisation in your original identity. It is a psychophysical process, transforming mind and body. I call it the Quantum Heart process. It is literally living alchemy as we transform, evolving from our limited current identity, into what we truly already are.

Dwelling on that point of light in the heart, at the core of every cell, the Truth reveals itself and becomes the self evident default.

Life is calling you; YOU are calling you, to enquire, to discover, to live life passionately as your true identity. So many great philosophers have emphasized the importance of this practice

"A life unexamined is a life not worth living." Socrates.

"Man, if thou knowest what thou dost, thou art blest, if not, accursed and a transgressor of the law." Jung

You are both far more than your idea of who you are, and at the same time much less.. much simpler, than the identity which has been reflected to you from birth and before.

In the Beginning...

At the beginning of your life here in this dimension, two cells, one from a male body and one from a female body, united in a nuclear fusion, an explosion of light. The cells began dividing to make this universe of pulsating cells that you are now. Who were you before this body was born? Who you are was never born and will never die. Enquire and discover who you really are. Know yourself to be unlimited and abundant, an evolutionary being. As the energy locked into the robotic, self perpetuating, patterns releases, you start living spontaneously in the moment, as the power of the awakened Self.

Be Your Genius offers you a variety of tools to help you discover your true nature, your naturally evolving leadership and live in your innate creativity and abundant genius.