Self Enquiry


By Jeanette McKenzie

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie Humans were designed to live their keyala*, spontaneously from the heart, in the way we might imagine fairies, or animals in the wild to live. We were originally hunter gatherers - enjoyers of the fruit of the garden that we did not plant, not strategic labourers in the tilled field. Freedom and the natural abundance of nature are our birthright, our inheritance. This simplicity does not mean we cannot play with all the magical things in this world that mind has created. It simply sketches an attitude for us.

Strategic living leads to greater and greater misunderstanding and experience of fragmentation. Every move we make from strategy leads to further distortion and we have no choice but to live in that distortion until the Heart finds the way to release itself. Living from the Heart brings us gently back to simplicity and integrity of a child. Mostly we scuttle in fear between the two attitudes. I have a very clear vision and understanding of this mechanism and see it operating in most people who come to me. It was also Jeanette’s way of living for years! It causes suffering and distortion and a kind of puzzlement and disconnection from our instinctual nature as we fall deeper into unconsciousness and a sticky web of confusion about life and how we "should" be living!

My desire and intention is to live in integrity and continuing integration, grounded in the body, in the playful, spontaneous way of the Heart and to facilitate this clarity in those who wish to play with me in this way of curiosity and self discovery. I experience freedom and my natural state of happiness and in this way everything can be known.

I am drawn to share this way of living from the Heart by creating entertaining and ways for "others" to discover their original freedom, who and what they are. I am always making it as easy and as obvious as possible for the mind to unite with the Heart as I love the mind! I am interested in addressing the greatest challenges and illusions of the shadow... apparent lack, struggle, abuse, impotence, terrorism, pollution, illness and death. I know these are potential doorways to freedom for humanity, for individual humans. Transformation of this is like lifting a spell. It is alchemy, so I call myself an alchemist. It is as good a name as any!

Much can be spoken of, but it is the actual living of it that attracts wisdom and this I love to share. Wisdom is "Vidya" knowledge, the "goddess". I have a great love of India and its culture. Tantra is the name they give to the way of honouring of the life force which can be seen as "feminine", "the goddess", Nature herself, embodied wisdom. This of course includes sexuality, seeing as this is how life perpetuates itself. The feminine does not follow straight lines! I am a poet and a creative artist. I sometimes call my "work", which is really "play", Tantric Alchemy. This is shorthand for transformation of perception, the feminine Way of the Heart, devotion to "the Beloved."

I play with energy, words, poetry, rhythm, breath, images, movement, dance, voice, regression and integration, life. If you are curious to know more, come to an event, a "playshop", with me, a cooperative enquiry or a satsang, or call me for a chat about individual awakening processes.

*Keyala is a Bengali word, meaning spontaneous fancy, impulse or whim, that I first learnt from Anandamayima!

Jeanette Mckenzie