There is no Other

There is No Other

By Jeanette McKenzie

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie Understand this. It is not a question of finding some "other" to love, to worship as a guru a teacher, a lover to adore. You know the Truth. All things are revealed to you from within and without. Look and understand listen and know. Reality is all things spontaneously manifesting for your delight.

Your own body is all bodies. Love and cherish them and surrender to them as the one living embodiment of infinite love. The particular form of your own body is to be loved and cherished and enjoyed, not as an egoic possession, but simply at the spontaneous manifestation of infinite love and pleasure. Care for it as you would the body of a beloved or a master. This body is to become radiant with consciousness, and needs to know itself simply as the presence of love. It is not to be abused or dissipated, but simply to surrender to its own infinite Being, to yield to its own innocence, to become the transparency for Truth. The care for this one must be of extreme tenderness, for it is literally the quantum heart itself.

You have known this many times. Now realise it and act upon it. The loop must complete; all apparent others are to be also recognised and acknowledged as the iultimate living presence. There is only Reality. There is only Life, one living seamless continuum. There is no other. Reality surrenders itself as this body. It is not yours , there IS no you. All is simply Reality, One. Contemplate this literal Truth until you realise this so utterly that this you does not exist any more as a separate experience.

Always and under all conditions treat what you consider to be "yourself" with great respect. Contemplate the truth of every detail of you, the physical human form of Life, Reality. Stay aware of what every "thing" is. Love it all with the love of I am. Allow Life to love itself, though you, as you, this human form that you judge to be separate, to be your own. It is all simply Life. There is only this living reality. Be aware you must become totally absorbed in existence, experientially.

In reality all is as it is. Nothing to do, nothing to change. Only the sense of separation to dissolve and disappear in the fire of Love, the all-consuming Love of existence, but consuming only as an EXPERIENCE. In reality all is already at peace in the Heart.

Jeanette Mckenzie 1992