Life Enquiry

Beauty and the Beast

The Transforming Power Of The Heart

A practical enquiry into living with vision and grace in these turbulent, transitional times.

For individual and collective evolution and happiness it is vital that we allow into consciousness ....and own.... our shadow material. Continuing to project the shadow and choose to identify with “goodness” rather than wholeness perpetuates the increasing polarisation ..... the alienation, terror and abuse in our world.... which no one consciously wants...

How is this happening?

The Rahu material arose spontaneously as a counterbalance to this error of perception... The shadow... of rape, disease, obesity, starvation, lack of empathy, terrorism, absence of authentic education for our children, control, torture, abuse of individuals and the earth and more... All these shadows lengthen with projection and a lack of understanding of what everything actually IS. Our world often appears possessed by a crazed, destructive archetype.

"The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate." Carl Jung So be aware! Pay attention! Investigate! What unconscious inner attitudes are giving rise to the situations we experience?

"Man if thou knowest what thou dost thou art blessed, if not, accursed and a transgressor of the law" Carl Jung

What can we do about it all? This is so often the question I am asked.

We can enquire... We can practice Heart Enquiry ... We can discover what we are unconsciously transmitting and in the process it transforms. We can allow the darkness, the unseen, into consciousness to be visible. We can research what is happening in this tiny bit of earth that we call ourself, that we appear to be in charge of... We can investigate our minds, body, feelings, and the events of our lives. We can explore with curiosity what may seem to be out of alignment: our relationships, our bodies, what we perceive to be falling apart in this world!!!!

We can courageously invite the shadow into consciousness and so release it from the inevitability of blind, robotic automaticity.

There is no higher service to our Self...and to the world ....that we can offer......

We can practice Heart Enquiry.

"The Heart is the Way... the human heart filters and transform automatically, enhancing what we love, digesting the fossil fuel of the shadow! " Jeanette McKenzie

Living from the heart, embodying the heart, communicating from the heart, seeing from the heart, moving from the heart. Being the BODY OF THE HEART. Allowing the heart to transform the unconsciousness which threatens our world and every one of us.....This is true Alchemy of the Heart...

And we don’t need to be complete... no need to be perfect! Even if it were possible! This is yet another delusion of the mind. We can simply choose to begin to embody the Heart.... and allow the transformation to unfold...... to become what we already are.

Opening the eyes and ears of the Heart to see what you are transmitting recognise the true nature of everything, is the way to transform your life and that of the whole of existence.