Mastering the Game of Life

Mastering the Game of Your Life


Jeanette McKenzie BA Dip Hum Psy RPP

Reality training enables you to allow the power of the Heart Field to completely upgrade your current experience and create an authentic, coherent life of freedom. It is the beginning of self mastery, recognising and transforming the unintegrated patterns, the conscious and unconscious conflicting filters through which you currently live your life. It empowers you to begin to surf the game of your life and create with precision, grace and ease. Mastering your life is a paradox. True mastery of the pattern self involves an ever increasing surrender to allowing the coherence of the Heart Field, letting go of your current identity, who you experience yourself to be, and opening to the as yet unknown magnificence of who you really are. Living as the magical field of the Heart.

This first series of six in depth one-to-one sessions over period of two to three months will:
  • Expand your awareness of the Heart Field
  • Allow you to experience the hidden reality underpinning what you perceive to be your life
  • Introduce you to the workings and power of your unconscious
  • Give you the tools to align your conscious and unconscious mind with your true Being
  • Activate the flow of unlimited creativity and abundance that is bursting to manifest through you, enabling you to experience a life of authentic freedom
This leads to a willingness to accept everything without exception as orchestrated by your Self, your own teacher. Mastery involves an alchemical transformation, a reversal of the usual perception of the world. It takes courage and the choice to exclude nothing, to turn your attention to the life unfolding from within. It offers a new way of being, a path of the Heart which gives everything in return.

The usual human reaction to pressure and painful emotions is to contract and avoid. The process of moving into awareness and authentic living is one of welcoming all situations into the neutral unjudging space of the Heart which transforms everything, literally like the frog into the Prince.

This course activates your own Heart intelligence, enabling the mind to steadily focus on clearing the distorted templates which create the experience of “your life”. You receive the tools for completing unfinished business with parents and your lineage and transforming your experience of partners, lovers, siblings, children and others.

Problems are transformed into opportunities for an expansion of consciousness. These challenging situations are imploded love which can be released as free energy, not merely removing the difficulty but transforming it into an experience of freedom and enlightenment.

Jeanette McKenzie is an awakener of the Heart. She intuitively activates the appropriate shifts in perception to bring you into the awareness required. After extensive research and training in eastern and western approaches to self mastery and enlightenment, including meditation, regression and several body mind therapies, she has evolved a unique process for Self Enquiry and transformation. She brings to her work compassion and humour, and a sense of safety based on her direct knowledge and vast experience from her own personal creative journey of awakening.

Jeanette’s facilitation flows from the unconditional love and clarity of the Heart. It helps you take charge of your health, your relationships, your life, in simple, effective and sometimes surprising ways!

Overall Structure:

Initial free consultation if required. If you have experienced working with Jeanette before this is optional.

Six one hour telephone sessions one week apart. As your new perception becomes more stable the gap between sessions can be lengthened to ten days or two weeks.

These sessions are well suited to work on the phone or skype. However there is an option for one of these sessions to be face to face in Chichester, when it is sometimes possible for an additional integrational bodywork session to be arranged.

From the moment of the initial activation during your first session Jeanette is actively engaged in your transformation process. This is alchemy. You will work closely with her throughout the course with frequent short email exchanges, two or three times a week between sessions as you observe and train your mind to energise the shifts and transformations in your life on a daily basis. There is a requirement to explore and record and communicate the effects of living with your attention in the Heart Field, and to realise how this creates new neural pathways, a new default, energising and stabilising the habit of living from the Heart.

There will be a short follow up session two weeks after the last training session.

"Attending Jeanette McKenzie's 'Life Mastery' course was a key turning point in my life. Jeanette's teachings have left me with a treasure chest of simple but effective tools for transforming life's little challenges and living life to the full. Jeanette's work comes from the heart, and it's catching!"
Jackie Wilson

Second series - Pre requisite is to have completed the first series. Information and fees available on request.

Third series - Leadership training, one session monthly or by arrangement. Information and fees on request

Mentoring available for those who have completed at least one series of training with Jeanette
Fees by arrangement.

To book your free 15 minute initial telephone consultation with Jeanette.