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Personalised Life Orientation

Life Orientation Course

with Jeanette McKenzie BA Dip Hum Psy RPP

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie This Life Orientation course is being offered with a brand new structure especially designed to give you the freedom to focus on your highest priority at the moment. The focus can be on one of the following:
  • Life Direction
  • Discovering your unique gift
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Conscious creation
  • Wealth and abundance
  • Health and well being
  • Dreams and increasing your intuition
  • Self Enquiry - Realising your true identity
  • Integrating the shadow... Reconfiguring the matrix
  • Grounding your vision in the body
After your initial free call to discuss what you want to address, the format is four 30 minute laser telephone sessions with weekly email reports between sessions. There is a lot of intensive personal work in between sessions in self enquiry and journalling your results. The course can have a time frame of between four and six weeks and includes personal email support and direction from Jeanette between sessions.

With focus and intention and consistent self enquiry you can make extraordinary progress in clearing and manifesting in your chosen field in a few short weeks.

The Life Orientation combination of intensive self enquiry and short sessions with Jeanette and email reports is very effective. Your enquiry and practice are reflected on the screen of your life which is the arena in which you explore and where you receive feedback on the changes you are making, and the reports and emails and sessions with Jeanette support these changes. Regular tiny steps make success simple and inevitable.

Your investment is 245...

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