Self Enquiry

Springboard to Conscious Relating

The secret of authentic relationship

A day of Self Enquiry and Heart Communication with Jeanette

  • Switch on your power to transform your relationships
  • Discover who you and the other really are
  • Choose to be in that creative flow of "together" with everyone
This is an opportunity to explore the Truth of who you and the other really are. Based on the process of self-enquiry traditionally used in enlightenment intensives, the day is spent in communication and contemplation - including moving meditation and eating contemplation.

The experience of Self Enquiry has traditionally been perceived to be part of an extraordinary journey of awakening, however self knowledge is a completely natural process. Direct knowledge of our essential pristine nature, living in self referral, is our ultimate birthright and dissolves the illusion of separation.

You can expect to awaken to increased self awareness, understanding of projection onto others, and increased compassion and ability to communicate with clarity and feeling.

"Started smiling on the day and I haven't stopped" - Sue
"Changed the way I see it all!" Robin
"Brilliant!" - Dawn

Next Springboard Day to be announced