Free our shadow children

The letters below were the inspiration for a pilot scheme which currently is being planned. If you are interested to know more please be in touch and we will keep you updated.

The Quantum Heart Project

for freeing our shadow children

Dear Friend,

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie The Quantum Heart Project idea came to Jeanette in response to a decision to donate at least 10% of any profit to charity. I had known for some time about the plight of the street children in the largest Russian cities -- many tens of thousands of them forced to live underground like animals because of the harsh climate and because gangsters prey upon them. Also in Eastern Europe generally, and especially in Albania and Romania, many children are suffering agonies of hardship.

Jeanette's intention is to inspire these children to dream -- to remind them how to use their imagination to create empowering solutions that can not only free them from their current torture but go on to create magical lives for themselves.

It is an exciting and inspiring vision -- let the Agencies do their work of rescue: feeding and housing the ones they are able to reach. We can offer to teach these children radical new ways of seeing the world that can not only give them great purpose and dignity but, when implemented practically, will fundamentally shift some of the current prevailing tendency on this planet to exploit and abuse those who are experiencing being downtrodden.

We also envisage that it will be the children teaching the children -- each child who learns to see and create in the new paradigm will become an emissary with a mission to pass on to others what they have themselves discovered -- and it will spread like wildfire!!

So this is my personal invitation to you to get involved.

Let us know if you are willing to give some of your time and expertise to help manifest this.

There will be a need for all the usual support services: secretarial/administrative/legal, as well as communicating our ideas to potential sponsors and donors.

If you know someone who you think would be able to help with setting up a possible pilot project please pass us their details or ask them to contact us directly.

I look forward to hearing from you. Gabriel

Response from Jeanette to Gabriel

Dear Gabriel,

Thank you for this open letter. You may feel that my response is an extreme way of presenting this information, but if you look inside, you will see it is appropriate. This will only touch those who have the living experience of discovering and embracing their shadows hiding in the Heart Space.

Dear Friends

This letter is all very inspiring. At the same time however, I am very clear that these situations of abuse, terror, abandonment, criminalisation and repression have a direct corollary in the inner structure of the human psyche, our unintegrated, disowned shadow. They are an outpicturing of this unintegrated state of affairs.

We may feel impelled to support such radical projects, and sometimes this support can arise from a direct outpouring of compassion, and taking action without inner enquiry, can relieve us of the feeling of tension within, the unresolved conflict between the conscious self and the unacknowledged, unrecognised energies which live like rats in the inner sewers of our psyche, desiring comfort and fixing. The forceful power of our own denied injustices and transgressed boundaries decays and builds in secret, as we live only from the acceptable, self righteous, conscious mind, like whited sepulchres housing dead bodies and stinking within,. This repression gathers to a tsunami, and if denied, its energy could one day overwhelm the flower of civilisation itself. Abused nature becomes monstrous. Like pests and locusts and killer bees. And sewer rats.

In order to truly succeed, our Quantum Heart project has to grow hand in hand with the willingness of those who participate, to continue to examine and take responsibility for the unintegrated contents of their own individual disowned shadow and that of their lineage, and also the collective shadow of humanity, however irrelevant, frightening, distasteful and shameful this shadow may appear to be to the mind, the apparent owner of this life.

While the masculine, linear process oriented, rational consciousness, continues to attempt to control the more spontaneous feminine impulse to simply express what it feels, and what it is, true integration will be necessarily be restricted and slow. External action is not sufficient.

We are called, individually and collectively, to continue to give the kiss of beauty to the beast within. Otherwise all our efforts to remove the stain from the world horizon are doomed to failure.

All resistance, inertia and apparent sabotage stem from this. Experiences such as discrimination, racism, terrorism, abuse, rape, poverty, lack, murder, imprisonment, slavery, and all forms of entropy...even ultimately the fact of death itself.

Separation, fragmentation, denial, strategic living and thinking are the immediate expression of all the world’s ills, mirroring the inner wounded state of our human psyche .... While at the same time they are absolutely the instigators of the evolutionary process, lifting us inexorably from that unconscious uroboric state. They are the grit in the oyster which gives rise to creating the pearl beyond price.

Encountering Rahu (the evolutionary force of darkness) is the doorway to individual freedom, and ultimately the evolution of mankind. Willingness to engage in radical deep level self-enquiry, leading to the elimination of strategic action, gives way to love and spontaneity. All of this is a pre-requirement for salvation on all levels.

All that is hidden is now becoming visible and the tsunami of expression is revealing itself as a veritable Niagara Falls of energy.... Commitment to becoming consciously involved shines the light on all incongruent areas of our lives

Love, which includes this freedom and spontaneous expression, pulses both within and without, and is the key. But we must be very clear what love is and what is its expression. "Man, if thou knowest what thou dost, thou art blest, if not, accursed, and a transgressor of the law." Carl Gustav Jung.

The Quantum Heart space is our true home, our origin, maintains us and is the active destroyer of all illegitimacy. It is the source of sustainable peace and abundance for all of us and for all creation.

I urge you dear friends to contemplate with attention, and in the light of what I have outlined above, to consider whether your heart is really calling you to become involved in this project of action and enquiry. The homelessness of these children is a mirror, depicting the true state of both inner and outer children of the Heart.

If you really want to create heaven on earth we invite you to join us.

Ma Deva Kishori (Jeanette)